Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Cheapest 4th Generation Haswell Core i7 Laptops

In early June 2013 Intel’s 4th generation “Haswell” Core i7 processor made its appearance in most mainline laptop manufacturers. The weaker Core i5 and Core i3 haswell laptop processors are scheduled to release later this year sometime in Q3. Since the Core i7 is the highest end Intel processor, it’s going to be tricky finding a “cheap” Haswell equipped laptop.
After analyzing the top retailers for the last few weeks (Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer) we’ve come up with the cheapest Haswell equipped laptops so far. Barring in mind it’s nearly impossible to find a non-refurbished Intel 3rd generation Core i7 equipped laptop under $600, the cheapest 4th gen machines aren’t overpriced at all.
c03698262 The Cheapest 4th Gen Haswell Core i7 Laptops
15.6-inch HP Envy 15t Quad Edition Haswell Core i7-4700MQ
for $654.99
The winner so far is the 15.6-inch Envy 15t Quad Edition. This laptop is essentially a thinner and lighter refresh of the old Envy 15 that HP discontinued back in October 2012. Beyond the Haswell Quad Core i7-4700MQ processor with integrated Intel HD 4600 GPU (decent enough as a light gaming laptop) this base model Envy 15t includes a 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, Beats Audio software. It’s a customizable laptop too, with an option for a great Haswell Core i7 processor, up to 16GB RAM, a 24GB SSD cache, GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics, and a 1080p display. If you config above $999.99, don’t forget to use the coupon code SUMMER20 for an additional 20% off.
envyy410p 650x487 The Cheapest 4th Gen Haswell Core i7 Laptops
14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p Haswell Core i7-4700MQ
for $799

The 14-inch winner is the Lenovo Y-series a gaming laptop. While its similarly spec’d big brother, the 15-inch Y510p, runs around $1,000 the 14-inch Y410p comes in at a modest $799 after coupon. Notable specs include a GeForce GT 750M 2GB graphics card, 8GB RAM,, 1TB HDD, and Ultrabay drive which allows one to swap out the DVD drive for an extra GPU or cooling unit. For those wanting a better display panel, for only $50 more you’ll get a HD+ 900p version of the Y410p, plus a 24GB mSSD – a lot more performance for the buck.
envy17 The Cheapest 4th Gen Haswell Core i7 Laptops
17.3-inch HP Envy 17t Quad Edition Haswell Core i7-4700MQ
for $754.99

A larger version of the HP Envy 15 is only $100 more but also sports a few higher end specs. HP’s latest coupon code and instant savings discounts stack to knock the price down from its $900 release day price now to $755. Specs are similar to the Envy 15 except there is also a higher 900p display for the 17.3-inch screen, plus a Blu-ray drive (whereas there’s no internal drive on the Envy 15). Add in more configs such as a discrete GPU will bring the price up, but once you past the $999.99 threshold you can use the 20% off code SUMMER20. (Expires on June 29th, 2013).


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